For Small and Medium Enterprise Connectivity Across Europe

Small and Medium Enterprises (SME's) are constantly searching for new customers to sell their services to. Also, it is amazing how many tools and services are available free of charge or a nominal cost which could save time and effort but can they link to other applications to provide the right tools that can be expanded and grow with the organisation? 

Whether you're a well established business or looking to start one, it's always good to find a source of information that can give you all the basic tools, information, signposting to help you grow your business. Of course you don't have to be a business person to benefit from SMECluster. Individuals and community groups can contribute or benefit from the cluster.

The target areas are highlighted in the links above (Training, Office, Environmental, Tendering, Research and Industrial) covering all the main sectors and disciplines most people will be categorised under or would want to look for. Whether you're looking to reduce the piles of paperwork or looking for new business opportunities you will something of value on the portal.

Behind the scenes the structure of the portal is being constructed and new features should pop up all the time. If you have any great ideas to improve the site contact us at the email address in the "contact us" tab.