There is no disputing that Microsoft Office and Microsoft Outlook are nearly ubiquitous tools in business. Organisations rely on these products to create and collaborate on information at every level of business, from highly secure financial information to employee recruiting. Unfortunately, these documents and email sit isolated on hard drives or, at best, shared network drives, with little structure and no business rules applied. Making sense of this digital puzzle is little better than managing a room full of filing cabinets. 

But when Microsoft Office and Microsoft Outlook are integrated with SMECluster process and content management technology, staff gain immediate visibility into all of the documents and data impacting the business.

In Summary you can Integrate Microsoft Outlook closely with your business procedures such as invoicing, quotations and CRM; Benefit from enhanced productivity and reduced implementation costs and staff can access tools from a secure web interface.

SMECluster provides complementary enterprise content management (ECM) and business process management (BPM) functionality to Microsoft Office software, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Employees can easily add, view, search, check in or out Office documents, spreadsheets and presentations to Perceptive’s content repository, where they are securely stored under strict version control and can be routed via electronic workflow for further editing, annotations and electronic signatures. This integration is seamless, with SMECluster functionality available right inside the application’s toolbar.

Most importantly, documents once relegated to individual hard drives are now immediately available in the context of your enterprise applications. Recruiters see applicant information, the business office sees contracts and financial spreadsheets, and distributed sales offices can see proposals and presentations.

Online Business Process Management System

Management at all levels realises the necessity of efficient business processes management. Because of this they strive to implement the process-focused approach. The approach is grounded on creating a model that removes duplicated actions and is considered to be optimal. This way your company can meet customer expectations with less time and money.

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Integrated Outlook to business processes

SMECluster provides complementary functionality to Microsoft Outlook. Integration with Outlook gives staff the ability to capture – either ad hoc or through established business rules – email messages and their attachments in their native formats, retaining the email’s data integrity. Even if that specific email is deleted locally or removed from the server, it can still be retrieved via a Perceptive client with all of its content and metadata in place.

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ISO 9001 Quality system on the web

ISO 9001 Quality Management Software System directly addresses all the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard and provides a complete solution for organizations looking to acquire certification and maintain continual compliance. Manage, track and report all your quality metrics and processes with one user-friendly, web-based solution.

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